Yin and Yang OP


Created by OscP26 on 10/30/2023

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The aim of this deck is to protect Shiho Zenji enough to get into a position where every turn you can use Yin and Yang to deal 8 damage for 4 RAM total by using Shadow Strike and Tome of Ancient Scripts to boost the damage, and then Izanami Install will return the Shadow Strike to do it all again next turn.

To do this you need to keep her stealthed so she isn't chipped early on, and eventually load her up with defensive patches topped with an Imperial Seal to prevent them from being removed. The other characters all have high health values to hopefully delay the opponent long enough so your Yin and Yang can snipe their 3 lowest health characters. Here is the general turn plan:

Start Shiho, Benobasa, Onibaba. Reveal Shiho to go first. Swap in J-Kuma for Benobasa to play Shadow Strike turn one.

Turn 2: Play Pass the Plate onto Shiho.

Turn 3: Temple Bell and Amulet on shiho, but there is usually no need to lose max RAM for the Bell at this stage. Then swap Kuma into Satellite. (If patch removal is obviously coming then you may want to keep him in to play the seal ASAP.) Also, depending on the health values of opponents and how much damage they put out, it may not be worth triggering Satellite's ambush. Don't use it just because it's there.

Turn 4: You would ideally like to get the Astral Tei-Bako onto someone unlikely to crash (Probably Shiho). If the opponent is more aggressive or looking scary then Onibaba is your go-to; Trim the Line can remove a patch or you can cycle it to reach Daze Memory and disable a character that's about to pop off.

At this point most pieces are set up hopefully, except the Tome of Ancient scripts which is important to put on Shiho before you start doing the combo. Once this is set up, Satellite and Kuma become more or less redundant, so you should look to bring Benobasa out at some point. He has Decode for extra patch removal, and it can be cycled for 2 RAM to reach Benobasa's block if one of your other characters is low on health. Kunai is there to help Yin and Yang not waste damage, since you can allocate the second instance of damage elsewhere if you know Kunai can finish off an opponent. This deck is quite slow to set up so I assume it is weak to fast and aggressive decks, but once it gets rolling it is theoretically difficult to stop.

Edit: lost to corruption damage deck from Patrick, the game plan should be a bit more aggressive is what I've learnt. Start doing the yin and yang combo earlier than I outline above.

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