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Created by lobster on 2/22/2024

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Simple setup: Yama, Mi-ko, and Bronwyn start out. If Joi is on the other team, delay this start and throw putrid on Joi turn 1, turn 2 patch more on Joi if it denies serious buffs. Otherwise, do the main play.

Turn 1: Get patch hate out early just to have somewhere to ramp if they hit Yama, do not eat the RAM loss.

Turn 2: Bronwyn puts Implement on Yama, and trigger her to put 1 damage on herself.

Turn 3: swap miko out to in overtoad and put Tome onto Overtoad, then have Bron Decrepit amulet to move her damage to the opponent of your choice.

Turn 4, use any programs you would like from available stacks (I recommend crashing the heal ASAP for flexibility), then swap Yama back in so Yama and Overtoad set up stupid damage each turn, until they unpatch Yama and murder Yama.

With turn 5, you should be able to threaten nearly everything on the board with insta-death until they break the Yama/Overtoad combo. Each turn, you can remove 1 damage from Yama with Necrotic Implement. Overtoad can protect Yama using its divert damage as long as Yama will still get to trigger for the relic token. You can soft-punch Yama if Necrotic is removed with Overtoad, then swing a second time hard at the opponents team. Use spare RAM to heal up damage as it comes in, trying to keep Overtoad as the priority to keep alive. The main goal is get them so focused on all-or-nothing breaking this combo that they forget you haven't revealed O-Mori. So if Overtoad or Yama is first to fall.... bring 'em back in.

O-Mori is set up with Koan to quickly reset and put Virus on top for a fast gamechanger kill if you have 8 RAM, or leave it on top to push the last 3 to crash a character next turn. If the opponent has only 1 patch removal option and keeps going for Yama, it's fine to put BOTH zombie patches one character; you opponent can only deal with 1, not both each turn.

This deck hangs in for a LONG time. This deck falls to robust patch removal.

Stack 1

Stack 2

Stack 3

Stack 4

Stack 5



February 24

Slight tweaks with oscp's help

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