Feralesque aggro


Created by OscP26 on 11/25/2023

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This deck aims to rapidly finish off the opponent, and there are multiple specific synergies I built in along with generally strong damaging cards.


Shred, Twisted-6, Snap Dragon Lily (but really I think you can choose anyone). Reveal the lowest health character, you would rather go first.

𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐛𝐲 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧

Turn 1: Go for a Dive for the Bushes, Shred is important to protect because he can remove annoying early patches. If you prefer to start with Calamity then the totem is definitely an option, it's just that she is a later game build in this deck to sink RAM into and not too useful early on.

Turn 2: Counter Chomp is usually the play here, it will do 4 damage for only 2 RAM which helps get an opponent into range of Kunai and Hunt the Weak. If Lily is out Putrid Blossoms can be annoying against a fast cycling character.

Turn 3: Plenty to do here and you can be very reactive to what the opponent is doing. I would say Disco Hand Grenade + Amplitude + Irritant Scratch is almost always a good play though, as you can disable a character and potentially unattach an opposing patch with Shred. Now is also a good time to swap in Calamity. If Calamity is already in then you also want Yama Uba in, so that the Tome can go onto Calamity (You should lose the max RAM as well.)

𝐓𝐢𝐩𝐬/𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐭

Starting with Twisted-6, her role is to output very efficient damage with Counter Chomp, and have a quick enough cycle to get back to it more than once. She isn't very well defended and will likely get targeted early, but honestly it's fine if she goes down as she still would have used Counter Chomp at least once, which is her main purpose.

Snap Dragon Lily is mainly here for the character ability, and I've gone back and forth on what programs to use with her. For now I've settled on a poison patch mini build, since Putrid Blossoms can really wreck some characters like Scrapper and Joi. Catalyst is just there to help that along, and Lotus Hex can unattach a patch of any cost, so it's there for the big scary things like Crisis Engine. But back to the character ability, it fits right into aggro because in order for the opponent to save a damaged character from being finished off they need to dedicate resources to that, which slows their gameplan and helps your characters survive.

Yama Uba is really cool in this deck! She wants to come in a bit later, and the Tome wants to go onto Calamity, who I will come to soon. But after she takes damage and puts more relics on the Tome, you can use them for Calamity but Spirit Flask can also use them to deal 3 damage for 1 RAM. Muramasa is also here, which does massive damage so they will want to take her out ASAP. The thing is, this will give you more relics and then Calamity becomes a huge threat.

Shred as mentioned before is here for early patch removal, but then can easily finish off a low health enemy with Hungering Kunai - Snap Dragon Lily makes it more likely that this will be possible.

Finally Calamity is a big source of damage in the deck, preferably with the Tome attached as well. The totem activates her ability and can help get a final push of RAM to allow one of your cheap commands to finish someone off as well. Hunt the Weak basically becomes a Hungering Kunai for 1 RAM when boosted by the Tome, and Ferocious Bite can really shred down an opposing tank that they likely won't expect you to target because of the high health pool.

Overall the best damage comes from Yama and Calamity, whilst Lily and Shred help you adapt to the opponent's strategy. Twisted-6 discourages your team from being pinged early which can really help your low health characters to survive.


I'm still not sure about Lily's build, and initially had Fungal Possession in there but I think that's too slow for aggro. Seems fun though! Twisted-6 could be tweaked, keep Counter Chomp but maybe you want more damage on her like Maul. I like Calamity and Yama together as they make the core of the deck. Shred can be changed depending on how much you anticipate needing early patch removal - if you want more then I would replace Dive or Kunai with Backhand, Bit Shift, etc. There is also potential to run Flesh for Security there which would be great to put on Yama. So a lot of room for change.

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November 30

Very strong deck! Counter Chomp with Twisted-6 is no joke (I found out the hard way).

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