Metal Scratchin'


Created by TrashyTabby on 11/18/2023

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This deck is a WIP and I'm going to try writing a more comprehensive summary later. However, the basic idea is as follows:

Start by putting Psycho Graffiti on Joi turn 1, then overclock her on turn 2. From here on out, she can suspend someone and do 4 damage to them every turn for 2 RAM. This is a lot of value, and will cause your opponent to focus her down early. Use Benobasa+Shadow Strike's taunt and Overtoad to keep her alive.

The other big axis this deck revolves around is Zaximus Defender. You should start with him out of play, and swap him in early. From there, use swaps, totems, and Pump it Up to accumulate lots of armor on him. Once Crisis Engine enters the picture, your opponent will need to divert their attention to removing his armor stacks or take massive Break Beats damage. Use the pressure this provides to get in damage/disruption with Hash and Joi.

Benobasa is mostly here to tank- use Shadow Strike+Stone Hands to do some heavy, efficient damage once it becomes profitable to do so. Overtoad is your support; he helps with soaking up damage on Joi/Hash, suspending Zaximus, smoothing out your RAM curve, and disrupting the enemy by playing Winds a lot.

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