Created by OscP26 on 10/29/2023

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Reveal Benobasa first to hopefully go second. This allows you to get the battery and try to play Doorway to Dreamland early. Start with Joi and Scrapper too.

𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐛𝐲 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧

Turn 1: You can go Battery Backpack trigger into Shadow Strike if the opponent has early damage. This is a strong early play since Benobasa then gets taunt to protect Joi and Scrapper, and Break Beats will do 3×2 which is crazy!

Turn 2: Depending on how threatening the opponent is you could play Shadow Strike if you didn't already or Disco Hand Grenade them, to disrupt a key character for a turn. This would also allow you to generate an armour which could be helpful. If they are slow to set up you can use Kill Switch. Benobasa is fine to swap out fairly early if the opponent isn't very aggressive into Grandmaster Hash to set up the Psycho Graffiti next turn. As a bonus when he comes in later he will still have his taunt which can make the opponent's turns fairly awkward.

Turn 3: This deck gets quite variable by turn 3 so it really depends what the opponent is doing. If you ended up using Kill switch then I would recommend either: do a full loop of Scrapper onto a threatening character (Disco into Amplitude into Infinite Youth for 3 RAM), or play Psycho Graffiti (better if you have battery as then you could even swap into Bliztron and use Pyrotechnix).

𝐓𝐢𝐩𝐬/𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐭

You should always look for a good opportunity to swap in Bliztron, because after your Psycho Graffiti is set up it allows you to do 5 damage single targeted. If that doesn't pan out then you could use the swap to activate your Kill Switch alongside other cheap cards to pick off a low health enemy.

I predict the opponent will often target Grandmaster Hash due to his high damage output, but I made the deck so that it's still fine if he goes down, as you have plenty of other damage elsewhere. In case he does stay alive though, Systems analysis can either copy your opponent's stuff or duplicate your suspend cards, OR even play Pyrotechnix twice in the same turn, spending just 5 RAM to deal 9 total damage which is so efficient! That would likely be the best use of Bliztron possible for a turn 5 kill.

Bliztron itself is able to pull off a cheap 1 cost suspend with Pump it Up attaching to an opponent, which can be immediately followed by Hyperwave and 2nd Encore for heavy damage. Pump it Up doubles as a good way of boosting Benobasa's Break Beats if you don't use it earlier on.

Scrapper can be used as an efficient way to suspend each turn due to her low cycle cost, and can bank RAM with infinite youth to get Doorway out even sooner. The armour you generate should generally go on herself or Joi, although obviously look out for important damage breakpoints on opposing cards too.

Joi keeps things running smoothly as Doorway to Dreamland can effectively disable a character completely, and once that's out of her cycle she can keep doing Kill Switches on most turns whilst netting a free RAM from the Battery Backpack.

Finally to come back to Benobasa he can come in late game with a big Hypnotic Hit, so if you've ended up losing your most damaging characters you can still hopefully finish off the opponent with that.

Overall this is quite a versatile deck which can be very devastating to more expensive and slow strategies, whilst still keeping up against aggro due to the very early taunt from Benobasa allowing your Scrapper to generate armour every turn to help slow them down.


In terms of possible different cards I would use, Benobasa could have a different option in place of Hypnotic Hit, but through testing it is definitely a reliable source of late game damage. You could look at Re'gine's Retribution as something cheaper, or Bass Drop Jutsu to get through armour. Hash to me is pretty optimised due to being able to use 2 Pyrotechnix in one turn. Scrapper as a character could be replaced if there is someone who comes out that can use chaos verve that fits better, as you don't really need the armour or the scrap brigade brand in this deck (but the stack is good). Bliztron seems good, there aren't many changes I could see with the current card pool. It's mainly there for the ambush then 1 cost suspend anyway. Joi I wouldn't change as of now - I initially was unsure about Doorway to Dreamland but from testing it can actually just fully prevent a character from doing anything, and its high cost makes it less vulnerable to a lot of patch removal.

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