Overclocked Data Tunnel


Created by Smoothie on 3/24/2024

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Tournament deck with transformational sideboard. January-February 2024 cards, so probably doesn't work anymore.

The pre-sideboard deck is somewhat linear, trying to get a first kill very fast and is overall better than the sideboarded version. But the sideboard tech was planned to catch people off-guard.


Replace Joi and Probe by

White Noise with Break Beats, Feedback Matrix, Benobasa's Block

Null Constrictor with Systems Analysis, Tear The Core, Internal Combustion

The general process of the core deck is to spend the first two turns to set-up tags (often ally than enemy to minimise losing tags to swaps) + first patch on Joi.

Turn 3 get the second patch on Joi, and then she can already leash out stun + 5 damage (9 damage if battery). As stuns tends to prevent the target from swapping out, that's a very high likelihood to kill, if not on turn 3, then on turn 4.

If the enemy made a tag fall, then the sequence is usually to deal stun + 9 damage on turn 4.

In this case, unlike the stun decks, it is fine to stun another target than the one which gets killed, to prepare the next target.

Inaix comes in against problematic patches with her ambush, provides defensive utility with Mutex and as a finisher if Joi falls with Hypothetical Scenario/Channel: Raw

Muramasa on Hanbei is the real finishing blow, to get the 3rd kill.

I wrote a different, more complete in some ways (with my turn-by-turn sketching) on Singularity discord deck-tech channel if you're interested.

If not playing with a sideboard plan, I'd consider putting Data Tunnel on Hanbei or Archidex instead, and may also replace Taze Mind and Memory Scream which were chosen for their synergies with the cycle/feedback matrix sideboarded version of the deck. Inaix could also be built differently depending on meta, but her ambush ability is definitely worth the inclusion.

Hanbei ability is mostly irrelevant too, but he has decent health combined with desired factions.

Stack 1

Stack 2

Stack 3

Stack 4

Stack 5


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