Armor Aggression


Created by Patrick on 8/17/2023

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The tactic of this deck is simple: Get a Crisis Engine on Zaximus Defender as quick as possible and then just overwhelm your opponent with a lot of damage. You should be able to reliably get a Crisis Engine ready on turn 2 or 3.

If you go with a battery:

Turn 1: Play Infinite Youth on Joi and swap into Zaximus Defender for the 2 armor.

Turn 2: Play Battery backpack on Joi and trigger it straight away for +1 RAM. Also trigger the Battery Backpack for another RAM. You should now have 4 RAM, so you can use the battery to get the Crisis Engine out.

If you go without the battery, then you'll need the extra turn to setup.

Other cards are kind of there as a backup plan or as support:

Scrapper is able to generate a lot more armor for Zaximus. Very scary if she is combined with Zaximus and he has the Crisis Engine online.

Tonk0r is able to deal out some damage if Zaximus is being targeted by your opponent.

Grandmaster Hash is also a backup plan as his cycle is only 3 after you've played Psycho Graffiti.

Stack 1

Stack 2

Stack 3

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Stack 5


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