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Created by Anonymous on 2/18/2024

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This was the deck I played every game 2 of the tourney, and was more efficient than my normal build.

I would have Blitztron in White Noise's place, and he almost never played a single program. I did not like having him there.

This build puts Baq's on Joi turn 1, then eats it to put overclock on her turn 1.

Turn 2 depends on if the alternate Joi is there. Often, I would just kill switch a character that had 8 or less HP, to set up a turn 3 KO. If the enemy has a Joi, I would Kill switch the Joi, and use Infinite Youth (IY) into patching Psycho Graffiti (PG) on my Joi.

Turn 3 the combo is set. Depending on if PG is out or adjust only the board end state. Joi can Disco Hand Grenade (DHG) into Scrapper Amplitude for a V-ram, use the V-ram to use then consume IY, and use that V-ram to Pyrotechnix. If I can, hold onto 1 ram to leave Baq's on Joi. If whomever swapped in was a potential threat, I'd use Blitz to suspend them swapping out Scrapper or Ezplosio, depending on if I wanted to aim for patch hate or slightly more DPS and armor.

At this point, the game is reactive. My recommendation is to play this as CONTROL/TEMPO and take your time analyzing your opponent's options and working to suspend/cycle not the most vulnerable person, but the one who will cost the most to get their stack back into comboland. Meanwhile, use your cheap AF Joi suspend/pyro to get in poke whenever the disruption leaves you with ram. Overwhelm the opponent and take away their options to late game, and hopefully you have accrued enough damage to make any late game plays suicidal.

I have plenty of patch hate with Trim the Line, I still have the ability to crank out a suspend and 4-8 damage a turn very efficiently. Keeping Baqs and IY out instead of consuming them sets up the ability to bring in a backup and cycle to them, while making the main combo of DHG->Amp->Pyro the primary focus for a 2-ram 5-damage & suspend & gain an armor, kill switch an option to extend the damage by 3 for 2 RAM. Trim the line would often get cycled for 1, but at times would be used to remove annoyances.

Yvelette would normally come in to scrub off only a few damage, not all 5, but would be sitting there advertising Winds of Purity and would often get cycled or suspended, suddenly reveling that the 8-damage combo is now a 12 damage combo for as low as 7 RAM mid/late game, which can in theory happen turn 5.

White Noise should counter any person cycling through their stack with Mutex as soon as their combo is repeatable. Put Feedback Matrix on who has the highest stack cost, not who you intend to cycle, to threaten those 3-3 RAM cycles or the character stuck suspended and unable to reset with Joi/Yvel ruining board states; you can kill them at any time for 2 RAM and a HP, and they can't run if they have a 5+ patch sitting on top without wasting a full turn.

Somebody will eventually die. Just make sure that it's hard enough to kill Joi or Scrapper that the next turn hurts them more than you. When in doubt, do 6 damage to Ezplosio to send 9 to the other team. It's possible to have her Switch herself, Mutex, suspend her to eat the mutex and switch, amplitude her and get that ram back, and bring Joi back in, throwing 13 on the other team in 1 turn for only 6 RAM... and it's just funny!

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