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Created by OscP26 on 1/13/2024

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Here's the deck I used in the tournament to come second!

It has 3 changes from the version I actually used though, all of which are edge cases but do make the deck strictly better. The first change is putting Maul before Hunt the Weak in Twisted-6's stack: I made this change every game after each first round, because it gives you a good easy play on turn 3, and it allows you to efficiently use both relic charges from the Tome later on to deal 5, then 4 damage (usually, since I would target a lower health character to get the Hunt the Weak bonus).

The next is an oversight from me when I made the deck - Backhand on Shred can be boosted by the Tome whereas Irritant Scratch cannot, which would have allowed me to finish off one of my games more easily if I had Backhand instead, so no reason not to have it.

The last change was adding Bit Shift rather than having End Process in Snap Dragon's stack: so many reasons why this is better! I encountered a lot of patches like Cryptographic Hex, which disabled Counter Chomp, so it was important to have quick access to Caustic Tincture. The 2 cost End Process made that difficult, whereas Bit Shift will help keep the cycle cheap. Also, Bit Shift can be boosted by Tome, which can be important. Mostly though, there were plenty of situations where I was 1 RAM or 1 damage off from winning the game, and having the extra one damage rather than just a cycle matters a lot more than I expected.

In terms of a guide, since I consider this my main deck for now, I won't teach people the ins and outs of playing against it :) That said, it is a loosely similar deck to my Feralesque aggro that I already posted on the site, so check that one out for an idea of how I would play it (although my strategy of play has definitely changed since then).

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