Created by TrashyTabby on 11/26/2023

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Deck is a WIP and could use some iteration. However, the basic idea is to get 101 set up with Data Tunnel and then to use Yin and Yang/Hypothetical Scenario to do 7 damage for 2 RAM every turn. This requires a tag, but Archidex makes playing tags and nexus compiler every turn easy, which prevents this requirement from hurting your economy too much. Your other gameplan is feedback matrix, which you can use to rack damage fast with cycling effects like Sector Probe, Taze Mind, and Null Constructor's ambush. Basically, just try to accumulate as much damage as you can with 101 before it inevitably dies, then use the four batteries to finish things up. Hanbei can let you attack with 101 while preventing your opponent from targeting it, but don't do this if the extra RAM expenditure from resetting 101 prevents you from performing more important tasks.

Suggested Starting Setup: Archidex, Sector Probe, Hanbei

I suggest not tagging in 101 until you're ready to attach Data Tunnel to it next turn. Spend turns 1/2 (depending on first/second player) setting up your tags and a Mutex/Cryptographic Hex.

Generally plan to tag in Null Constructor once you have Feedback Matrix set up and you can get a kill with it.

If your opponent is running Joi+Baq's Battery Backpack, attach the Cryptographic to her turn one to slow them down.

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