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Created by OscP26 on 11/26/2023

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This is a combo deck based around multi damage commands from Benobasa's Fist, leveraging the extra bonus they get from damage buffs.


101, White Noise, Archidex. Also consider starting Sector Probe instead of White Noise, then swap into White Noise turn 3 to receive the Data Tunnel. Doesn't matter if you go first or second, probably just reveal 101 to get the tag engine running early.

𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐛𝐲 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧

Turn 1: Play 101's TAG on the opposing character least likely to want to swap out early.

Turn 2: Play Archidex's TAG similarly on an opponent wanting to stay in. If the first TAG is still there you want to use Nexus Compiler then Show me your Moves onto either White Noise or 101. If it looks like they could crash 101 before he can get the patches onto White Noise then taunt White Noise, as he can heal up with Necro Exhauriat when set up. If they are slower you would prefer to taunt 101 because he becomes useless after attaching the patches. Going back to the first point, if they ended up swapping and removing your TAG (return TAGs to Archidex until later as she can immediately play them), then you will have to either just taunt, or play both TAGs again if they are more passive.

Turn 3: Play Data Tunnel onto White Noise. If Archidex is ever in danger you should swap her out into either of the other characters. There is a lot of variability at this point because it's impossible to predict where TAGs are and if they have been unattached, which affects your RAM with Nexus Compiler.

Turn 4: Get Necro Exhauriat onto White Noise. Swap out if in danger and wait for one of your character to crash so White Noise can fall in and heal to full.

𝐓𝐢𝐩𝐬/𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐏𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐭

There is a lot of redundancy in the deck because there is a lot that can go wrong! As usual I will go through each character first.

White Noise is the main star of the deck. He brings Benobasa's fist to Subnet which allows Data Tunnel to buff Break Beats to do 3 and 3, and Stone Hands to do 4 and 3, as long as one of the targets is tagged. Necro Exhauriat further boosts this by allowing White Noise to heal extra from the multi hits. This also helps out the character ability, as you can choose to cycle the opponents that you target with the multi hit commands, which can really mess up their strategy. He has to lose health for this, but the Necro Exhauriat can heal it up next turn. Now this all sounds great, but it is important to remember that this relies on playing and keeping 2 3 cost patches, because especially without the Data Tunnel, this element of the deck falls flat. The same goes for keeping TAGs attached because again, without the TAGs the Data Tunnel won't work.

Sector Probe is one example of the redundancy in the deck. It can also contribute to the gameplan by discouraging the opponent from unattaching TAGs - the ability to cycle a character when this happens can either allow you to put the TAG closer to the top of the stack, reach a more important program in another of your team's stacks, or disrupt an opponent's cycle. There is a lot of flexibility available there. Sector Probe also runs some massive damage, so is the secondary attacker to White Noise. For this reason, try to protect it as much as possible.

Archidex keeps the TAG engine running. She can activate the Nexus Compiler every turn for a free RAM as long as both TAGs are on the field, and you can return unattached TAGs to her stack to replay them instantly. Systems Analysis ensures she is never stuck without something to play - it can copy the damage options from Sector Probe, the value and control on Null Constructor or something the opponent is playing of course..

101 is solely her to be a safe carrier of the synergy patches to be attached to White Noise. The opponent probably doesn't want to crash him because of the batteries you will gain, so you can safely attach the patches. If they do end up crashing him, this is a sign to swap out White Noise and pivot to the Sector Probe route.

Null Constructor is the perfect backup to spend your RAM late game and make use of potential batteries from 101. Underclock can be very disruptive to aggressive opponents and is a potential reason to swap in early. Hostile Conscription is the main patch removal, and is very flexible, being able to move a negative patch from you to them, or steal a really good patch from the opposition. Internal Combustion is there for more damage redundancy, which ensures you won't be stuck unable to do anything if White Noise and Sector Probe crash, which could be enough to just clinch out a win late game.


To be honest this deck would be a lot better without the whole Data Tunnel Necro Exhauriat shenanigans, so feel free to remove that and set up an actually good 101/White Noise! If that was the case you wouldn't need 101 because I only run him for the infinite divine, so probably use Hanbei or something instead. If you want to keep the deck idea but still make changes, Null Constructor is a pretty flexible spot to mess about with, and Archidex could take a disruptive patch instead of Systems Analysis, which could help against specific strategies.

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